Aerator 26.5 Inch Gas


4 Hours: $60
Daily: $120
Weekly: $500

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Ryan Lawnaire V-EST Honda

Improve the look, drainage, and health of your lawn with the Ryan Lawnaire V-EST Honda Aerator that is equipped with a Honda GX120 engine offering 118 cc of power. Easy Steer Technology (EST) allows for better maneuverability by allowing the operator to turn without lifting the tines out of the soil. Operator convenience is offered by the vibration reducing grip handle bars to allow all day use. 42 hollow tines allow you to cover 45,000 square feet in an hour to get your job done fast. Also, rear wheels are removable to maneuver easily through gates or small passages.
Honda GX120 Engine: This aerator is equipped with a Honda GX120 engine that offers 118 cc of power to get your job done quickly.
Easy Steer Technology (EST): Turn without lifting tines out of the ground with the ground breaking tine assembly design to get your job done fast with less effort. Outer tines rotate faster to embrace the turn when the operator steers left or right to maintain deep core aeration.
Removable Weights: Add more weight for deeper aeration or easily remove them for loading and unloading.
Easy and Comfortable Operation: A throttle located on the operator handle for convenience and vibration reducing grip for longer operation periods.
Self-Propelled: Designed for ease of use and maneuverability during use and while loading/unloading.
Tines: Improve your soil conditions with the 42 hollow, austemper-hardened steel tines.
Heavy Duty Construction: Rugged heavy duty design is built for day-to-day use in any working condition.
Productivity: This aerator can cover 45,000 square feet an hour to get your job done faster. Aerate at a pattern of 3.75 inches x 7 inches.
Covered Lift Grips and Front Bumper Guard: Easier lifting and convenient tie down locations are offered by the covered lift grips and front bumper guard.
Removable Rear Wheels: Maneuver easier in tight areas or through gates with the removable rear wheels.


4 Hours: $60
Daily: $120
Weekly: $500


4 Hours, Daily, Weekly