Tractor + Flail Mower 62″ Attachment


4 Hours: $280
Daily: $370
Weekly: $1480


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  • Tractor KUBOTA BX2360

Flail Mower 62″ 3-Point Attachment

HP REQUIREMENTS: 25-45 PTO horse power
CUTTING HEIGHT: ¾”-4” Adjustable to meet various height requirements

Reversible Y- blades. The reversible Y- blades are .32” 60si2mn, spring steel, (American standard: A29m) formed, heat treated, and quenched in oil. They weigh 1lb 7 oz for the set. Use the duckfoot blades for clearing saplings, and the Y blades for grasses.

NUMBER OF BLADES: 22 Y- blades.

PRECISION BLADE OVERLAP: The blades are staggered precisely with no gap in the mowing area. Blade overlap is important to achieve an even cutting result.

This allows for easy inspection, cleaning, blade changing, and maintenance of your machine. The rear gate can also be left open for easier discharge in heavy conditions, or you can close the gate to greater mulching.

Reverse- the rotor spins in the opposite direction as the wheels of the tractor when traveling forward. This allows the blades to shear the material as it is folded forward by the mowers. The material is then thrown up and over the rotor.

ROTOR TUBE DIAMETER: 4.25”- Heavy duty 5/16” wall tubing for long life.

BALANCED ROTOR TUBE: The rotor tube is balance to reduce vibration and ensures that the mower runs smooth, and reduces wear on the bearings.

BALANCED CAST IRON PULLEYS: The V-belt pulleys are heavy duty cast iron and balance to eliminate vibration, and run smooth.
ROTOR SWING DIAMETER-14.25”: Large swing so that the blades build required inertia.
BLADE TIP SPEED: 8,721 Ft. /min – high tip speed = Efficiency to cleanly cut material
HITCH TYPE: Category 1 standard 3 point or category 1 quick hitch – will attach to any cat 1- 3 point hitch and will also work with cat 1 quick hitch.
OFFSET- 9”: This feature allows for offset from center to the right of the tractor. This feature is helpful for mowing around fences, buildings; walkways exc. From the center of the PTO the mower extends 35” to the right and 24” to the left.


GEARBOX RATING: Up to 55 hp – heavy duty proven gearbox for long.

GEARBOX TYPE: Cast iron 540 RPM with internal over-running clutch – when the PTO shaft is disengaged the built in over running clutch allows the PTO shaft to stop turning while the gearbox and rotor shaft slow down gradually. This is an important feature, without it, the gearbox will slam to a halt when the PTO is disengaged, causing stress to the gearbox and your tractor. This feature should not be overlooked when shopping for a mower.


DRIVELINE: 1-3/8” 6 Spline w/shear bolt.

GREASEABLE SHIELDED BEARINGS: Accessible greasable bearings for easy maintenance.

REAR HEIGHT ADJUSTING ROLLER DIAMETER: 4.25” With tapered ends – this roller contacts the ground to ensure even cutting height. The ends of this roller are rounded to eliminate gouging when turning corners. A scraper bar ensures that mud and debris buildup is cleaned off as you go.

FINISH: Powder coat the baked on powder coat finish is more durable than conventional paint to keep your machine looking good for years.


Flail Mower 62″ 3-Point Attachment Only Price

4 Hours: $80
Daily: $130
Weekly: $520


4 Hours, Daily, Weekly